Technology is all around us these days, and it’s hard to ignore its impact on various areas of our lives. Business is, without doubt, one of the fields that have benefited the most from recent technological advancements, and in fact, many areas of business have seen significant growth in the last few decades primarily due to this reason. Compared to the relative stagnancy they were going through before, this is


Technology is supporting the inclusion of more and more people in the financial system. Whether you look at the incredible growth of China’s mobile payments (estimated at more than 50-times the value of similar payments here in the United States) or the digital delivery of hundreds of millions of new bank accounts in India, financial services are available to a larger and larger share of Asia’s population.     Source:-

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On Monday, Technology index funds and ETFs are no longer supposed to own Facebook, Twitter or Google. That’s why nearly all Technology index funds sold their holdings of Facebook, Twitter and Google on Friday, driving the stocks down 1.86%, 4.52%, and 1.63% respectively. When large shareholders sell for reasons that have nothing to do with the company, smart investors have an opportunity to buy stock at a bargain price.     Source:-

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he mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround or PUBG Mobile is all set to get a brand new update which finally adds the Sanhok map to the game. The map was already available for PUBG beta version on Android and it’s finally being made available for all. Firing up the game right now gives users a notification that it will be down on September 11 from 12AM to 8AM during,  

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In 1974, when the Turkish military started its Cyprus operation, Ankara faced a sudden and bitter reality. The U.S., as a major supplier of the Turkish Armed Forces, had stopped the delivery of all military equipment, from fighter jets to spare parts of field radios. Turkey had to ask Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi to borrow tires for the F-104s used in the Vietnam War..     Source:-

Retail Is Utilizing Technology

A major transition for established brick-and-mortar retailers and consumer-packaged-goods companies is underway whether they like it or not. The transition has to do with the fact that digital transformation and software are permeating every level of business, from warehouse management systems to the supply chain on the blockchain.   Source:-


Ten years ago, you were lucky if you could apply for insurance online. Today, insurance technology is a major industry force, offering data-driven improvements in underwriting, applying for insurance and filing claims for health, renters, homeowners, auto and other types of insurance.   Source:-

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General Electric Co. (GE – Get Report) stock was little changed on Friday, August 3, as a GE engineer with ties to China who has been accused of stealing proprietary power-turbine technology has been released on bond. Xiaoqing Zheng, 56, has been in custody since Wednesday when the FBI raided his home in Niskayuna, New York, near Albany.   Source:-


Getting a concept for a new insurance product or program off the ground and making it into a reality can be daunting, even as the insurance space and the needs of its customers develop at a rapid pace – evident, for one, with evolutions in technology.   Source:-