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Health and fitness: Have a look at the place to be for fitness freaks

LAHORE- We visited Oxygen Fitness for a tour of the gym and an introduction of the owner. We must say we loved the environment. Even though the gym is situated in an area full of hustle bustle in front of Emporium, the ones who can reach it will love the attitude of the owner who himself caters to the members of his gym.   Source:-

How to train when travelling for business

Many business executives undertake long or short-haul flights on a weekly basis. While a business necessity, it can cause disruptions to health and fitness routines. According to head coach and founder of D5 gym concept, James Heagney, goal-orientated individuals should look at their health in the same way as they do their business, with a profit and loss column.   Source:-

Top 10 Health Tips for Women

Let’s face it, ladies: Doctor visits are short. And they’re getting shorter. What if your doctor had more time? She might tell you the same things that OB-GYN Alyssa Dweck, MD, co-author of V Is for Vagina, wants you to know. Consider Dweck’s tips your prescription for a lifetime of wellness. source:

Vitamins for Skin: A Guide to a Healthier, Radiant You

Real beauty isn’t about being picture perfect. You should be able to admire and feel good about yourself even after you remove that mascara and clear away the film of foundation and concealer off our face. Haven’t we all wondered how some people manage to look so effortlessly beautiful? Let’s face it, makeup is transitory and if you are hiding away dark circles and pigmentation through cosmetic products, it will

22 Vitamins and Minerals You Didn't Know Your Body Needs

We’ve all grown up knowing the fact that vitamins are of various types and those alphabetical connotations signify certain crucial things. But how many of us are actually aware of what those alphabets that always accompany vitamins denote? What stake do those important names in the periodical table hold in the keeping us hale and heart? It is vital to know whether the body is getting the right nourishment that

Five reasons why taking naps is good for your health

As long as it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to an hour, a nap is good for our health in many ways. It’s perfectly natural for mammals and is even part of the work culture in China. Why not take advantage of the warm, relaxing weather to have a little snooze after lunch? Here’s a list of all the benefits of a short siesta.