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HEALTH AND FITNESS: Should you go organic?

Organic food, including produce, milk and meat, are becoming more popular among consumers each year. In fact, sales of organic foods now account for over $50 billion per year and further growth is expected. There are many reasons to account for this increase, including potential health benefits and environmental impact. Despite the popularity of organic foods, there is little evidence that eating organic has significant health benefits. But, organic foods

What's new to L.A.'s health and fitness scene

Fitness for a cause in Los Angeles and Malibu; a new yoga studio opens in Echo Park; and a Culver City session on post-workout breathing. Check out these well-being ideas as we ease into fall. Seek balance; raise funds Given that it has a yoga studies degree program, Loyola Marymount University is a fitting venue for this year’s Project:OM Los Angeles, a yoga festival designed to raise funds for breast


Here is a story which has a happy ending but that I am very sad to share with you nonetheless: after a 42-year-old woman came in complaining of a drooping left eyelid, doctors in the U.K. discovered a contact lens that had been lodged in her eyelid since a badminton accident 28 YEARS EARLIER. Ahh!     Source:-


What with positive emotions being, shall we say, thin on the ground these days – in public life, anyway – I was pleased to encounter this wise insight into how to generate more of them, courtesy of the German-born Buddhist nun Ayya Khema: “We may believe that it’s the quality of the sunset that gives us such pleasure, but in fact it is the quality of our own immersion in


Something as small as a phrase (or mantra) can be enough to see you through a grueling day or motivate you to finish an intense workout. It’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts when things get tough (hey, it happens), but next time, try to turn those into positive statements that fuel positive action.   Source:-

the world's best woodchoppers

Ilied when they asked if I had ever used a chainsaw before. “A few times, but I think it’s been a while,” I said. This even seemed as if it might be true, until I got within arm’s reach of a purring 7.8 horsepower saw. Then I realised: I would have remembered. Spike Milton, my trainer, runs me through the machine’s many safety features. “This one is, to my mind, the

Health and Fittness

Houses with sensors that watch a resident’s every move could be used to keep the elderly out of care homes by predicting when they are going to fall ill, researchers believe. Scientists have begun working on the homes that can monitor every detail of an occupant’s life, from taking pills to walking or using the computer.   Source:-    

Health and fitness: Have a look at the place to be for fitness freaks

LAHORE- We visited Oxygen Fitness for a tour of the gym and an introduction of the owner. We must say we loved the environment. Even though the gym is situated in an area full of hustle bustle in front of Emporium, the ones who can reach it will love the attitude of the owner who himself caters to the members of his gym.   Source:-

How to train when travelling for business

Many business executives undertake long or short-haul flights on a weekly basis. While a business necessity, it can cause disruptions to health and fitness routines. According to head coach and founder of D5 gym concept, James Heagney, goal-orientated individuals should look at their health in the same way as they do their business, with a profit and loss column.   Source:-