High-Fat And Sugar Diet May Re-Model Brain To Drive Overeating: StudyHigh-Fat And Sugar Diet May Re-Model Brain To Drive Overeating: Study

For years now, consumption of sugary and fatty foods has been associated with increased waistlines and obesity. Fatty foods have also been linked with a number of other serious ailments, some of which are life-long. Now a new study has said that consuming sugary and fatty foods in excess may re-model the brain, leading to a pattern of overeating. Earlier, scientists have talked about the addictive quality of junk foods

Hypertension: 3 Fruit Juices That May Help Regulate Blood Pressure Levels

Unhealthy eating habits, long working hours, and stress are some of the factors that have led to a number of lifestyle diseases; hypertension being the most common one. Hypertension develops when blood imposes a greater force on the walls of the arteries, which leads to rise in the blood pressure level that crosses the top borderline range of 140/90 mmHg. Blood pressure is basically the pressure that is levied on


Bengaluru-based hyper-local platform DailyNinja has announced that the company has completed 15 million orders till date. Established in late 2015, DailyNinja has completed 52,000 transactions per day across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.


We believe in really experiencing our food – growing our own vegetables, gathering from the wild, sourcing produce from local farmers and making big, beautiful meals with all that we have found – and these are such joyful experiences for us. But what makes them even better is doing them with other people. Growing, gathering, preserving, pickling, cooking and eating are all so much better when shared with your village.  

Fast Food meals

Navigating away from triple-stacked cheeseburgers seems like the obvious choice for those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Consumers, however, may want to double-check the menu before ordering. Often times, ordering a beef patty topped in condiments and covered in cheese may be a lower calorie pick than some of the seemingly health-conscious options below.   Source:-


On Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg, Dr. Robert Graham—board-certified physician and founder of FRESHMed NYC—combines mainstream medical practices with therapies inspired by ancient wisdom: an integrative model of medicine. “My dad was a biochemist, so I grew up in this integrative model. One of the things that really stood out is my mom was distrustful about the conventional Western model.     Source:-

the Carter

Pop into one of the many trendy burger joints that dot Australia’s inner cities and chances are you’ll find one of the following: an oversized mural of an American rapper; a colourful graffiti homage to hip-hop slang; speakers churning out tunes by Biggie Smalls, 2Pac or Snoop Dogg; and a menu item called a “Cheezy Yeezy” (after Kanye West) or “The Ghostface” (Ghostface Killah).     Sports:-


SYDNEY, Australia — The first thing you’ll hear about Boon Cafe in Sydney is that it’s an all-day Thai restaurant inside a grocery store. The second will probably be your enthusiastic informant’s favorite dish — perhaps a sticky-sweet, pandan custard-slathered croissant from the breakfast menu, or one of the many spicy papaya salads from the dinner menu.     Source:-


The Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is a joyous occasion celebrated by members of the religious community all over the world. The festival consists of many elements, including prayer services in synagogue and the blowing of an ancient musical horn called a shofar, which is made from a ram’s horn.     Source:-