food retails

Big retail chains and food brands from the U.K., Italy and Brazil are eyeing an entry in the Indian market after the government opened up foreign investments up to 100 per cent in processing, marketing and retailing of food made in India, Union Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal said. Source:- thehindu

China starts up world’s largest

Dish with reflector as large as 30 football pitches will listen for signs of intelligent life and is one of several ‘world-class’ projects The world’s largest radio telescope has begun operating in south-western china, a project Beijing says will help humanity search for alien life. The five-hundred-metre aperture spherical radio telescope (acronym: Fast), nestled between hills in the mountainous region of Guizhou, began working about noon on Sunday, the official

Self-Driving Technology

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) CEO Mark Fields made headlines last month when he said that Ford will put a fully self-driving vehicle into mass production in 2021 — but only for ride-hailing duty. Customers will have to wait several more years beyond that to buy a self-driving Ford, he said. Some of those headlines asked an important question: What’s taking so long? It could be a decade before Ford dealers


Hallf an hour late, and just ahead of his minder—he was always a step ahead of his ponderous old minder—Abraham Chabon sauntered into the room where the designer Virgil Abloh was giving a private preview of Off-White’s collection for spring-summer 2017 to a small group of reporters, editorial directors, and fashion buyers. Abe’s manner was self-conscious, his cheeks flushed, but if his movements were a bit constrained they had an


Your informative piece (One in seven takeaways fail hygiene tests, 24 September) mentions that the Food Standards Agency ranks all food providers with a score of zero to five. In Wales, all food businesses are legally required to display their score in a prominent place in all entrances so that potential customers are aware of it and can make an informed decision on whether to enter.   Source:- guardian

a self-driving chair

The self-propelling chair detects surrounding chairs and moves patrons through lines in a predefined path. It’s probably not the most exciting use of autonomous technology — unless you just can’t stand waiting in line — but it’s certainly got utility.   Source:- nextweb

13 beauty tricks that will save you money

Learn some key beauty budget secrets so that looking good doesn’t have to break the bank. Cosmetics and skin care products can be very expensive, especially if you’re an avid collector or like to buy high quality items. By embracing a few key tricks and strategies, however, you can save money and reduce the overall number of products you use. Decide what matters most to you. Do you like having

Rainfall hits supply of vegetables

Prices of green vegetables are burning a hole in comman man’s pocket after their prices shot up in the local market following the heavy rainfall witnessed by the region in the last two to three days. While rates of spinach, coriander and methi have recorded a 100 per cent rise, prices of gawar, lady finger, cauliflower and brinjal have gone up by 20-50 per cent in just two days.