He’s played him in 10 films, starting with Captain America: The First Avenger. Chris portrayed one of the original cinematic Avengers alongside Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. He’s now finished filming Avengers 4, Marvel’s 22nd film, and tweeted to say that playing Cap has been “an honour”.     Source:- bbc.com

Avengers Infinity War

After breaking multiple records in India, Hollywood marvel, Avengers: Infinity War will re-release in the country in Hindi on October 2. An overwhelming response from Indian fans and an increasing following for the Hindi version of earlier releases is what made Disney return. It is not just Infinity War but Hollywood that is making a huge impact at the Indian box office.     Source:- moneycontrol.com

Henry Cavil

Henry Cavill is to be dropped as Superman, after failing to agree terms to make an appearance in the upcoming Shazam! film, it has been reported. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cavill, who played the role three times – in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League – is no longer in the running as Superman for future outings in the DC Extended Universe.     Source:- theguardian.com


“The Nun,” the fifth movie in “The Conjuring” series and a prequel to “The Conjuring 2,” exceeded expectations over the weekend and topped the box office in its debut. Despite poor reviews (the worst in the franchise), “The Nun” was a hit with audiences, and raked in $53.5 million over the weekend. It continues a financial win streak for the horror genre that includes “Get Out,” “It,” and “A Quiet Place.”    

Malaysian box office

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians love a good scare. If you need proof, go to the cinemas and chances are you would see a long queue for horror flicks such as Hantu Kak Limah and Munafik 2. These movies are making a killing at the local box office. Hantu Kak Limah – which stars Awie and Zul Ariffin – has been crowned the highest-grossing local film in Malaysia, collecting more than RM35mil since its release on Aug 9.


The official movie summer season ends Labor Day, but it’s already hailed as a winner and deservedly so, particularly in comparison to the anemic summer of 2017. Studios won by doubling down on the formulas they know best (aka sequels and franchises), but with enough tweaking to improve dramatically from the year prior — $4.3 billion vs.$3.7 billion.   Source:- indiewire.com

Britney Spears

The 80s revival in pop has now straddled two decades. The 90s fetish is bubbling away. Bring on the 00s revival, though, if it means that all pop will sound like Britney’s Toxic – the highlight of this business-like public appearance by a comeback queen. It starts as a long, slow tease, a Disneyfied but narcotised remix, with Spears in some shiny red and black get-up surrounded by slow-motion dancers.     Source:- theguardian.com


Having been reelected Tuesday for his second yearlong term, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president John Bailey has apparently hit the ground running with new changes for the Oscars. Running right to the box office, it sounds like, as the Academy has just announced the creation of a category to celebrate the films we all actually go see, Oscar bait or no.     Source:- thecut.com


The difference one word makes. On Saturday night, Drake rekindled his long-standing beef with Kanye West by making just the slightest alteration to a lyric in a live rendition of “Know Yourself.” During a tour stop in Chicago — it was not lost on the rapper, or the crowd, that it’s West’s hometown — Drake changed the original line from, “Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks,” to, “Then Kanye flopped, it