Cannes 2022: Deepika Padukone- “I truly believe there will come a day where India won’t have to be at Cannes, Cannes will be in India”

Cannes 2022: Deepika Padukone- “I truly believe there will come a day where India won't have to be at Cannes; Cannes will be in India”

India is the country of Honour at the ongoing 75th Cannes Film Festival. Led by Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, India has been represented at the festival by the likes of R Madhavan, A.R. Rahman, Prasoon Joshi, Shekhar Kapur, Tamannaah Bhatia, among others. Deepika Padukone is one of the eight members of the jury of the film festival and the only Indian on the jury this year. She is the second Indian to become a jury member at Cannes after Vidya Balan in 2013.

On Day 2, Deepika Padukone joined the Indian delegation for a press conference where they spoke about Indian cinema and talent and what it has to offer. Speaking on the occasion, Deepika said that she is confident that one day Cannes will come to India. “15 years ago when I entered this industry, I don’t think anyone had faith in me or my talent or my craft. So 15 years later to be a part of the jury and to be actually, I wouldn’t say judging, but experiencing some of the best cinema in the world has been an incredible journey and I am truly grateful for that. I also truly believe that India is at the cusp of greatness. This is just the beginning.”

“I want to thank people like AR Rahman sir, Shekhar (Kapur) sir; I think y’all are really the ones who have put India on the global map. It is because of your contribution over the years that has allowed people like us to be over here today. Having said that I feel like we have a long way to go as a country. As an Indian, I feel really proud to be here representing the country. But when we look back at the 75 years of Cannes, there are literally a handful of Indian films or Indian actors or talent that has been able to make it.  I feel like collectively as a nation we have it, we have the talent, we have the ability and I think we just need that sort of conviction and there will come a day I truly believe where India won’t have to be at Cannes, the Cannes will be in India,” she added.

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